The tale of the crying tenant

The tale of the crying applicant and the importance of the background check.
Property managers and owners of residential rentals need to make sure background checks are apart of the tenant vetting process. Having tenants fill out an application that includes PII (personal identifiable information) aids in looking for history that could save the landlord a headache in the future. 
I had an applicant state she never rented before, has a great driving record, no criminal history and included a salary amount. I received her social security number, copy of her driver license and pay stubs for work. The investigation started..
I reviewed local court records, social media platforms, and a State of Florida database to perform a name search for any hits in other counties. This applicant has felonies which means criminal history, evictions from other counties which means a lie on her application that she never rented before and double digit traffic violations. Her pay stubs did not calculate to the gross figure she attested to on her application.
When the tenant called to ask why she was denied, I explained all the mentioned item and she started to cry uncontrollably and provide me with a story and state she would do whatever she had to do to get an apartment. I politely explained we have guidelines to follow when vetting tenants and unfortunately she didn't meet the criteria. I would be happy to refund her the application fee. 
Suddenly the big boo hoo ended and there was nothing else to say. These types of tenants are professionals in trying to talk their way around processes. Having a due diligence process helps owners find quality tenants before entering into a headache.