QuickBooks Bank Feeds

Regularly reconcile your bank statement with your accounting software…
When people first start their business, they will consistently enter all of their receipts into QuickBooks, record every expense and modify their chart of accounts to create an expense account for every receipt. As the business grows the frequency of entering expenses lessens as does reconciling the bank statements. At quarter end there is a mad dash to just get it done. This is when items are missed, forgotten, amounts are transposed and the muddled chart of account is murky because the same expense has been classified through various general ledger accounts.

The business owner may come to a point when the books are getting to much to handle and will need to make the call and bring in the help. As a consultant, I can help your company by setting up bank feeds to auto import bank transactions into the register and set up rules to assign the expenses to certain categories. The bank rules can be changed at any time and new ones can also be added on the fly. Reach out to me and let me show you how some processes can be automated to free up time spent performing manual tasks.