Digital Products

Google Sheets Bookkeeping Tracker

If your business is struggling to keep tabs on your income and expenses and not quite ready to hire a full charge bookkeeper or accountant and not using QuickBooks or another financial program, then this small business bookkeeping tracker is the solution. This fully customizable Google Sheet toolkit is shareable, cloud based, and creates a time saving option to streamline the financial workflow.
If you want to monitor the revenue and keep a keen eye on every penny spent, the simplicity of using this tracker will allow every business owner the ability to make tracking a breeze.
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Business and Financial Planning

A professional and easy-to-use business plan template that is crafted to help businesses find their key to success. The comprehensive structure guides the user through every essential section needed to prepare content while the eye catching design will impress management and investors. Easily input financial projections and streamline the planning process.
Included in this plan are: executive summary, product/services offered, cost & pricing strategy, marketing analysis, competitive advantage, marketing strategy, operational plan, management objectives, financial plan, financial forecast and appendix.
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